Belinda Jackson, Digital CEO

Web Chameleon

Hi, I'm Belinda

I believe we can create a better life, and a better world, through business 🌏❤️

That’s my mission as an Online Business Coach and Digital Marketing Strategist

If you're passionate about your area of expertise and you desire to create positive impact through business then... WELCOME.

I'd love to help you expand your impact and your income by embracing online business and digital marketing.

I bring 25 years of experience working with hundreds of businesses on all aspects of strategic marketing and scaling business growth.

I believe business is an opportunity to create positive impact in our own lives AND the lives of clients and community.


I’ve always loved business. Even as a child I’d find any opportunity to create a sale; washing cars, selling pet rocks and more. It’s who I am.

In my early working career I worked as a junior artist and graphic designer. I studied part-time whilst working to gain my IT (Information Technology) Diploma and then my Marketing Diploma.

Studying marketing was what hooked me fully in and ignited my love of business & in particular, digital marketing.

Always up for an adventure, after gaining my qualifications I moved to the UK with my hubby. Here I gained incredible experience working in London as a Marketing Director for a small company doing amazing things globally.

I learnt quickly what was possible online, and I also learnt a LOT about pricing as a marketing strategy that I have carried through to my work today. 

On return to Australia in 2005 I launched my company, Web Chameleon

The Web Chameleon evolution...


For many years Web Chameleon provided specialist marketing consulting, email marketing services, website design services and comprehensive online marketing training, consulting and coaching. Web Chameleon grew from a one-person solo operation to a small company with virtual staff and contractors, servicing our many clients.

And then... as the CEO my vibe shifted. I no longer wanted this old paradigm model of business and growth. I wanted more ease and bigger impact.

So I ran online courses, group programs, in-person workshops and retreats. Some of my courses and groups included; the Business Blogging Program, Online Promotion Blueprint, Website Mastery, Facebook GO, Marketing Mastery, Biz Shifts, Brand Your Brilliance, Sacred Money Archetypes and Money Shifts.

These days I offer just two signature online courses - Digital CEO and Money Shifts. These two programs truly embody the work I'm here for which is helping change-makers craft and scale an online business that makes money and creates positive impact.

I have a Diploma in Marketing, a Diploma in IT, and I'm certified in several modalities including Money Breakthrough Business Coach, Sacred Money Archetypes Coach, and as an exclusively trained and licensed Soul Modes Mentor.

When we work together you access my 16+ years of online business and digital marketing experience, as well as my passion to help my clients create positive impact. 

I help you grow an online business you love and embrace digital marketing to amplify your impact and your income. You ready to get started?

I believe that through positive-impact business we activate new money consciousness where MONEY does GOOD things.